Asim Hayat Group founded with the people who has the business in mind, Asim Hayat Group is one among the oldest companies’ conglomerates with business interests spanning petrochemicals, communications, workforce Services, manufacturing, retail and distribution. The company operation is spread across Afghanistan of which Asim Hayat Group Afghanistan remains the Jewel in the crown. Asim Hayat Group have also developed strong routes into emerging markets such as India, China, Turkey, Uzbekistan, UAE and some central Asian countries, Multiple channels of commerce reach far and wide to efficiently increase our business advantage while building a positive image and reputation for brand awareness and transparency in operations.

Our knowledge of the local and regional culture, our long standing history of commerce in the region, and our awareness of international business models and practices makes us a well- calculated choice for a speedy and successful market entry for any global aspirant.

Vision: Creating Memorable Moments


To Our partener We deliver stable and profitable growth that results in consistent shareholder value and return on investment. Our focus is on a balanced portfolio, excellent operations and carefully managed risks..

To Our Customers We offer consistent quality and value for money through each and every one of our products and services. We “create memorable moments” every time we interact and are focused on continuing to build lasting relationships with all our customers.

To Our Community Our business is based on solid values that have endured the test of time. We provide a sense of fulfillment, fairness and family across every division, community and industry we work within.

To Our Partners We have a trusted and reliable team focused on creating lasting relationships with our partners. We are commitied to the development of shared visions for the long term success that make effective use of the capabilities we both bring to our partnerships.